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Keep Bugs On LockDown

  1. Water-resistant 
  2. Indoor/Outdoor use 
  3. Environmentally safe
HYP Full range of lockdown pads

High Yield Products Inc specializes in LockDown Pads, a yellow sticky pad that traps a wide range of insects, including thrips, spider mites, leaf miners, aphids, fruit flies and many other tiny pests harmful to plant growth. LockDown Pads can also be used in a variety of ways in both soil and hydroponic mediums.


LockDown Pads are available in 6 sizes:

1.5“, 3”, 6” & 12″ circle

1.5”, 6” & 12” Square

6” circle

This size works great on Rockwool growing plants. Helps with bugs, fungus, molds, debris, blocks light and keeps the cubes cooler for less chance of pathogens.

12″ Circle

This size works with 2 gallon inserts/containers and larger. They work with Hydroponic systems or dirt. The Lock Down Pad can also be laid flat, sticky side up or down. Coning works great for watering by hand. You can water right on the pad!

Attracts Insects:

Aphids | Fruit Flies | Fungus Gnats | Leafminers | Spider Mites | Thrips | White Flies


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